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Faculties > Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Medicine  (09-11-2002)

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Ankara University Faculty of Medicine (AUFM) consists of; clinics with 2500 bed capacity, outpatient units, laboratories, classrooms, meeting halls, library, administrative and social buildings which are deployed in İbn-i Sina Hospital, Cebeci Campus, Abidinpaşa Public Health Center, and Morphology Building. Since its foundation in 1945, AUFM continues to provide high quality health service to our people and it also contributes to our nationwide need for medical doctors considerably by graduating approximately 300 young doctors per year. Postgraduate specialty training programs which started with a single resident in 1948, are currently training more than 400 residents. Specialized doctors and instructors who were trained in AUFM serve the medical education both at our University and also at other newly founded centers since many years. AUFM ranks one of the best qualified centers in Turkey concerning both patient care and research activities because of its bed capacity in line with the provision and implementation of high technology and latest advances in medicine. AUFM publishes two separate medical journals one in Turkish and the other in English. Our library permanently provides many distinguished periodicals in various fields for the use of academic staff and medical students. Meeting halls with perfect technical facilities in which several scientific activities take place are located at the Morphology Building and İbn-i Sina Hospital and they fill a big gap in pre and postgraduate medical education. AUFM, the first medical faculty of Turkish Republic which graduated almost 12000 doctors in 50 years, aims to educate and train the best doctors and academicians besides providing a very high class health service as it is armed with all the facilities of contemporary medicine.


Division of Basic Medical Sciences consists of seven Departments with three associated subdivisions. These Departments and subdivisions are all located in Morphology Building and they provide basic medical training to students during their first two years in medical school. During this period, medical students learn the normal morphologic structure of human body from a macro and micro perspective, biochemical processes in human organism, genetic and physiologic mechanisms and disease producing microorganisms. Furthermore, basic knowledge about statistics and computer science as well as physics, chemistry and biology are also given to the students during the same period. Medical ethics and medical history courses are also provided. At the Division of Basic Medical Sciences, besides their task to educate medical students, numerous research activities are always in progress and by arranging meetings, courses and publishing papers they constantly contribute to their field and medical literature.

Departments Comprising the Division of Basic Medical Sciences:
1. Medical Biology
2. Anatomy
3. Histology
4. Physiology
5. Biochemistry
6. Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology
7. Deontology


Division of Internal Medicine consists of sixteen Departments with twenty subdivisions all of which are located in either İbn-i Sina Hospital or Cebeci Campus except Department of Pharmacology which is located in Morphology Building. These Departments and subdivisions give theoretical lectures and provide clinical training in diagnosis and therapy of disease states. Starting from the fourth grade, besides clinical lectures, the training program is mainly carried out in clinical wards. During this period, students are trained both theoretically and they also have considerable opportunity to have hands-on clinical training in fields including internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, public health medicine, family medicine, nuclear medicine, neurology, dermatology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Departments Comprising the Division of Internal Medicine:
1. Pediatrics
2. Forensic Medicine
3. Pharmacology
4. General Internal Medicine
5. Psychiatry
6. Public Health
7. Nuclear Medicine
8. Neurology
9. Dermatology
10. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
11. Clinical Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases
12. Pulmonary Diseases
13. Radiology
14. Radiation Oncology
15. Cardiology
16. Family Medicine


Division of Surgical Sciences consists of thirteen Departments with three subdivisions all of which are located in either İbn-i Sina Hospital or Cebeci Campus except Department of Pathology which is located in Morphology Building. Training in this division starts at the Department of Pathology during the second grade and lasts through the senior years at all other surgical units by theoretical lectures and clinical training programs. The courses includes training programs in; general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, eye-nose-throat surgery, eye diseases, urology, orthopedics and traumatology and anesthesiology. Students are fully trained in both theoretical and practical aspects of relevant surgical disciplines and also necessary skills to perform simple surgical interventions are thought during theses courses. These departments’ tasks also include the best possible patient care services and research activities.

Departments Comprising the Division of Surgical Sciences:
1. General Surgery
2. Pathology
3. Thoracic Surgery
4. Cardiovascular Surgery
5. Pediatric Surgery
6. Neurosurgery
7. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
8. Gynecology and Obstetrics
9. Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery
10. Eye Diseases
11. Urology
12. Orthopedics and Traumatology
13. Anesthesiology and Reanimation

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