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Graduate Study > General Information

General Information

General Information  (09-11-2002)


Ankara University offers Master of Arts, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Humanities, Letters, Law, Political Science, Education, Communications, Divinity, Basic and Applied Sciences, Agriculture, Health Science, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Medicine and Basic Medical Sciences.

Graduate studies are organized by “The Graduate School of Social Sciences”, “The Graduate School of Educational Science”, “The Graduate School of Basic and Applied Sciences “ and “The Graduate School of Health Sciences”. All applications should be made to the relevent Graduate Schools. The addresses and the graduate programs offered to international students appear under Graduate Schools.

Admission to specialization studies in fields of clinical medicine in Turkish Universities takes place through the “Examination for Specialization in Clinical Medicine (TUS) “ (see Annex).


Equivalence Candidates are required to have a University degree equivalent to degrees given by Turkish Universities. The certificate of equivalence is given by the Turkish Higher Education Council for registration.

In Turkish Universities the Doctor of Medicine degree requires six years of study, Dental Medicine or Veterinary Medicine degrees require five years of study. BA. and BS degrees are given after four years. .

Grade Point Average

MA/MS programs:: BA/BS degree with minimum grade point average 65 points out of 100 full points, or its equivalent.

MA/MS programs without dissertation: BA/BS degree with minimum grade point average 65 points out of 100 full points or its equivalent.

PhD programs: MS/MA degree, with minimum grade point average 75 points out of 100 full points, or its equivalent. “MA/MS programs without dissertation” are acceptable for PhD. programs only if a dissertation is presented separately.

Candidates with a six year Doctor of Medicine degree or a five year Dental Medicine or Veterinary Medicine degree need not have an MS degree in order to apply for the PhD programs listed under the Graduate School of Health Sciences, unless otherwise stated. The minimum grade point average of the candidate with the Doctor of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dental Medicine diploma should be 65 out of 100 full points or its equivalent.

Language of Instruction: The Language of instruction in Ankara University is Turkish.


International applicants who meet the requirements have to take the Turkish language test and an examination of scientific competence.

Turkish Language Test : The test is given by the “Language Studies Center of Ankara University (TÖMER)” Candidates who had their secondary education in Turkey or who received their BA/BS or MA/MS degree in a University teaching in Turkish are exempt.

Competence Examination

Candidates successful in the Turkish test are given the Competence Examination by the relevent department of the Graduate School.


Students are admitted twice a year, for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Programs offered in the Spring and Fall semesters of each academic year to international students appear under the relevent Graduate Schools. Information on the Fall semester of 2003-2004 academic year will appear after April 2004.


Learning the Turkish Language Turkish courses are offered to all interested foreigners, regardless of admission to a university, by “The Language Studies Center of Ankara University (TÖMER)” .For information on Turkish course programs and fees please write to :

Ankara Üniversitesi Dil Öğretim Merkezi (TÖMER)
Türkçe Kursları Bölümü
Ziya Gökalp Caddesi, No.18/1, Kızılay
06650 Ankara, TURKEY
Fax: 90 312 433 81 90 - 90 312 433 97 86

Tuition Fees Ankara University is a state University. Tuition fees are determined for each academic year by general regulations.

The fees of the international students are payable in US Dollars at the beginning of each academic year.The yearly fee for international graduate students is 856 USD for 2003-2004.

Maintenance Students require about 500-700 USD per month for personal expenses An international student is not expected to work. Before a residence permit is issued he/she is required to produce evidence to the effect that such a sum will indeed be forwarded each month.

The Turkish Government has cultural exchange agreements with a number of countries. International applicants should ask the Turkish Embassies in their own country about the possibility of receiving a Turkish Government scholarship.

Accommodation The State Hostel system in Turkey is open to international students. Ankara University also offers some hostel accommodation.

Address : Ankara Üniversitesi Basımevi Binası
Ankara, TURKEY
Fax: 90 312 213 66 61

Letters and Humanities
Linguistics (MA.)
Western Languages and Literature - German Language and Literature ( MA.,PhD), American Culture and Literature (MA.,PhD.) English Language and Literature (MA.,PhD.), Italian Language and Literature (MA.), Russian Language and Literaturer(MA.,PhD.), Hungarology (MA., PhD.), French Language and Literature (MA.,PhD.)

Turkish Language and Literature - Classical Turkish Language (MA..,PhD.), Modern Turkish Language (MA.,PhD.) Classical Turkish Literature (MA., PhD.)

Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literature (MA, PhD)

Teaching Methods for the Turkish Language (MA., PhD.)

Oriental Languages - Arabic Language and Literature (PhD), Japanese Language and Literature (MA), Sinology (MA)

Ancient Languages and Cultures - Hittitology ( (MA, PhD), Sumerology (MA, PhD) Latin (MA, PhD)

Archaeology - Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology (MA, PhD), Classical Archaeology (MA, PhD), Prehistoria (MA, PhD)

History of Art (MA, PhD)

History - Turkish History (MA, PhD), History of the Turkish Republic (MA, PhD), Medieval History (MA.,PhD), Modern History (MA,PhD), Contemporary History (MA,PhD)

Geography - Regional Geography (MA,PhD), Human and Economic Geography (MA,PhD), Physical Geography (MA,PhD), The Geography of Turkey (MA,PhD)

Sociology (MA, PhD)

Social Antrophology and Ethnology - Social Antrophology (MA, PhD), Ethnology (MA, PhD)

Folklore (MA, PhD)

Philosophy - History of Science (MA, PhD), Systematic Philosophy and Logic (MA)

Library Science (MA, PhD))


Public Law (MA, PhD)

Private Law - Commercial Law (MA, PhD), Civil Law (MA, PhD), Civil Procedures, Bankruptcy and Execution (MA, PhD), Private International Law (MA,PhD), Labour and Social Security Law (MA, PhD)

Political Science

Economics (MA, PhD)

Management (MA, PhD)

Public Administration and Political Science - Urban and Environmental Studies (MA,PhD), Political Science (MA,PhD), Administrative Science (MA,PhD).

International Relations (MA, PhD)

Labour Economics and Industrial Relations (MA,PhD)

Interdisciplinary programs

European Union - Economics and Finance (MA), Law (MA), Interntional Relations (MA)

Social Sciences and Environment (MA, PhD)

Women’s Studies (MA,PhD)


Radio-Television-Cinema (MA,PhD),

Journalism (MA,PhD),

Public Relations and Presentation (MA,PhD)


Divinity and Philosophy - Philosophy of Religion (MA,PhD), Religious Education (MA,PhD), Sociology of Religion (MA.PhD), History of Religions (MA,PhD), Islamic Philosophy (MA,PhD), Logic (MA.PhD), History of Philosophy (MA,PhD).

Basic Islamic Sciences - Hadith (MA,PhD), Islamic Law (MA.PhD), History of Islamic Sects (MA,PhD), Kelam (MA,PhD), Mysticism (MA,PhD), Tafsir (MA, PhD)

Islamic History and Art - Islamic History (MA., PhD); Turkish Religious Music (MA.,PhD), Turkish Islamic Literature (MA,PhD), History of Turkish Islamic Arts (MA, PhD)

Address : Ankara Üniversitesi Eğitim Bilimleri Enstitüsü

A.Ü.Cebeci Kampüsü Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi
Cemal Gürsel Caddesi, Cebeci Ankara, TURKEY
Fax: : 90 312 362 73 97


Educational Science

Curriculum and Instruction - Social and Historical Foundations of Education (MA,PhD), Educational Technology (MA), Curriculum Development (MA,PhD), Creative Drama (MA without dissertation)

The Planning and Economics of Education - (MA,PhD)

Address : Ankara Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü
Ord.Prof.Dr. Şevket Aziz KANSU Binası Konya Yolu üzeri
Beşevler Ankara, TURKEY
Fax :90 312 213 11 87


Science and Engineering

Astronomy and Space Science (MS, PhD)

Biology - Botanics (MS, PhD), Biotechnology (MS, PhD), General Biology (MS, PhD), Ecology and Environmental Biology (MS, PhD), Hydrobiology (MS, PhD), Molecular Biology (MS,PhD), Zoology (MS, PhD)

Physics (MS, PhD)

Statistics (MS. PhD)

Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry (MS, PhD), Anorganic Chemistry (MS, PhD), Biochemistry (MS, PhD), Physical Chemistry (MS, PhD), Organic Chemistry (MS, PhD)

Mathematics (MS, PhD)

Electronics Engineering (MS, PhD)

Physics Engineering (MS, PhD)

Geophysical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Geological Engineering (MS,PhD)

Chemical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Agriculture, Food Science

Agricultural Economics (MS, PhD)

Agricultural Machinery (MS, PhD)

Agronomy (MS, PhD)

Animal Science - Nutritients and Animal Nutrition (MS, PhD), Biometry and Genetics (MS, PhD), Animal Breeding (MS, PhD)

Dairy Technology (MS, PhD)

Farm Structures and Irrigation (MS, PhD)

Fisheries and Aquaculture (MS, PhD)

Food Engineering - Oil Producing Technology (MS), Fruit and Vegetable Technology (MS), Wheat Technology ( MS), Meat Technology (MA), Food Microbiology (MS, PhD),

Fermentation Technology (MS, PhD)

Home Economcis - Nutrition (MS, PhD), Child Development (MS,PhD), Home Management and Family Economics (MS, PhD), Rural Handicrafts (MS, PhD)

Horticulture - Viine Breeding (MS, PhD), Vegetable Breeding (MS, PhD), Fruit Breeding (MS, PhD)

Landscape Architecture (MS, PhD)

Plant Protection - Entomolgy (MS, PhD), Phytopathology (MS, PhD)

Soil Science (MS, PhD)

Address : Ord.Prof.Dr. Şevket Aziz KANSU Binası Konya Yolu üzeri Beşevler Ankara, TURKEY
Fax : 90 312 215 47 52


Dental Medicine

Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery (PhD)

Orthodontics (PhD)

Restorative Dentistry - Endodontics (PhD), Conservative Dentistry (PhD)

Pedadontics (PhD)

Periodontology (PhD)

Prosthodontic Theraphy (PhD)

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology (MS)


Analytical Chemistry (MS , MA without dissertation, PhD)

Biochemistry (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Pharmacognosy - Pharmacognosy (MS, PhD), Phytotherapautic Drugs (MS without dissertation)

Pharmacology (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry - (MS and MS without dissertation for holders of BS in Pharmacy ; PhD for holders of MS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry or Chemistry )

Pharmaceutical Thecnology- Pharmaceutical Technology (MS, PhD), Cosmetics (MS without dissertation), Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (MS)

Pharmaceutical Tocsicology (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Pharmaceutical Management (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Pharmaceutical Botany (MS, PhD)

Interdisciplinary Clinical Pharmacy (MS without dissertation., for holders of BS in Pharmacy)

Veterinary Medicine

Biochemistry (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Food Hygiene and Technology (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Surgery (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (MS , MS without dissertation ; PhD for holders of BS in Veterinary Medicine )

Pharmacology and Tocsicology - MS and MS without dissertation programs are open to holders of Veterinary Medicine diplomas or BS in Pharmacy, Biology, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry; PhD programs are open to holders of Doctor of Medicine or Veterinary Medicine diplomas, and to holders of MS degrees on Pharmacy, Biology, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry)

Physiology (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases - Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD), Poultry and Poultry Products and Diseases (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Internal Diseases (MS, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Microbiology - (MS, PhD)

Anatomy (PhD)

Parazitology - Helmintology (MS, MAS without dissertation, PhD); Protozoology and Entomology (MS for holders of Veterinary Medicine degree, MS without dissertation, PhD)

Pathology - (MS and PhD for holders of Veterinary Medicine degree only, MS without dissertation)

Animal Science - (MS, PhD)

Histology-Embriology (PhD)

History of Veterinary Medicine and Deontology (MS without dissertation, PhD)

Virology (MS for holders of Veterinary Medicine degree or BS in Biology)

Livestock Economics (MS, PhD)

Reproduction and Artificial Insemination (MS and PhD for holders of Veterinary Medicine degree only)

Genetics (MS for holders of Veterinary Medicine degree or for holders of BS degrees in Agriculture or Science )

Health Management

Health Management (MS, MS without dissertation)

Physical Education and Sports

Sports Administration Sciences (MS)

Basic Medicine - Candidates with a Doctor of Medicine degree who would like to apply for the PhD programs in Basic Medicine, listed here, might have to take the “ Medical Test in Basic Medicine-1“; this test is part of the “Examination for Specialization in Medicine (TUS) “ (see Annex) . It is important to consult the Graduate School of Health Sciences for details.

Physiology (PhD)

Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology - Microbiology (MS, PhD)

Parasitology (MS, PhD)

Anatomy (PhD)

Public Health - Epidemiology (MS for holders of Doctor of Medicine, Dental Medicine degrees or BS in Health Sciences or Nursing)

Biophysics (MS for holders of Doctor of Medicine, Dental Medicine degrees and BS degrees from Physics, Physics Engineering, Biology, Electrics-Electronics; PhD for holders of Doctor of Medicine and holders of MS degree from Biophysics)

Deontology and Medical History (PhD)

Medical Biology (MS for holders of BS in Biology)

Medical Genetics (PhD for Doctor of Medicine degree)

Internal Medicine - Physiopathology (PhD for holders of Doctor of Medicine degree)

Interdisciplinary Programs

Forensic Medicine - Forensic Biology (MS for holders of BS in Biology), Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Toxicology (MS, PhD), Physical Investigation and Criminalistics (MS)

Social Psychiatry (MS, PhD)

Hepatology (MS for holders of Doctor of Medicine degree or BS in Biology or Chemistry)



Admission to specialization in fields of clinical medicine in Turkish Universites is through a general examination, “ Tıpta Uzmanlık Sınavı (TUS)” , given twice a year in Ankara by the Student Selection and Placement Center of Turkey. International candidates have to hold a Doctor of Medicine degree, equivalent to the six year Doctor of Medicine degree given by Turkish Universities.

TUS is in two steps:

Language Test: The language test is given in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian.

Medical Test: International candidates successful in the Language test are given the following Medical tests, in Turkish.

Test in Basic Medicine - 1 (Temel Tıp Bilimleri Testi 1) covers Anatomy, Histology-Embriology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology,

Test in Clinical Medicine (Klinik Tıp Bilimleri Testi) covers Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, etc.

Placement: Candidates are placed according to the points received in the Medical test, their order of preferences and the available places listed in the Application Booklet . Medical Faculties offer special quotas for international applicants who have no permit to work in Turkey. Foreigners who reside and work in Turkey can apply for the general quotas only.

The Turkish government has cultural agreements with a number of countries. Candidates should enquire at the Turkish Embassies.

Application Periods : The test is given twice a year, in April and September. All applications should be completed at least two months before the test; the deadline for April 2004 is January 15-26 and the deadline for September 2004 is July 19-30. The procedure and the available places for each field of study is described in the Application Booklet (TUS Klavuzu). International applicants can receive it from the following address, free of charge. The fee for the examination is 40 €.

Öğrenci Seçme ve Yerleştirme Merkezi
06583 Ankara. TURKEY
Fax : 90 312 266 43 30; 90 312 266 46 74

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