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The Faculty of Law finds its foundation in Ankara Law School which was established upon initiative of the then Minister of Justice Mahmut Esat Bozkurt, and inaugurated by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on 25 November 1925. The School was founded upon the urgent need of well-educated lawyers who would be able to sustain and prosper the Law Reform aimed by the Republic. Atatürk considered the foundation of the Ankara Law School as the beginning of the Law Reform and expressed his enjoyment with the following words inscribed on the mural marble at the entrance of the Faculty Hall: "No other inauguration made me happier than opening this great institution which will be the sanction of the Republic and I am delighted to show and express this feeling.”And the Law Faculty has been contributing to this end for 72 years being well aware of its historical honorable mission.

Ankara Law School thus bearing its roots is also the first higher educational institution of the Republic which has been formally denominated as Ankara Law Faculty in 1927 by a decision of the Council of Ministers which has set forth the first milestone of the University of Ankara, Faculty of Law being afterwards one of its faculties in accordance with Statute dated 06.06.1948 no. 5239 entitled “The Establishment of the Framework of the University of Ankara”, promulgated in conformity with the Act on Universities of 1946.

Today, in the Faculty of Law 4624 students are taking undergraduate degree program for four full-years. They are registered after being successful in the student placement examination as being among the top 1% of participating candidates. The country-wide enrolled students can also participate in a preparation class of one year for foreign language before starting the law education program. Faculty of Law as an academic unit is composed of three departments, namely the Department of Private Law, the Department of Public Law and the Department of Finance and Economics with its 104 academic staff with different academic titles such as 33 professors, 12 associate professors and 16 assistant professors, totally 61 academicians together with 43 research assistants (4 of them with doctoral degree) and one specialist who have been doing several academic studies abroad on different scholarships such as YÖK, DAAD, Fulbright etc. By December 1996, 11 members of our academic staff are abroad for studying purposes.

The physical standing of our Faculty is composed of one main building with its new section together with a complementary one and the library within the newly rearranged Cebeci campus area of approximately 34,500 m². Main building has its four amphitheaters (lecture halls), large and small conference halls, student canteen, student and personnel dining halls and administrative and academicians offices within an area of 27104 m² whereas the new section to it has an additional 8 lecture halls and academicians offices within an area of 12216 m². The complementary building occupies within its area of 5080 m² administrative and academicians office rooms as well together with the library standing in an area of 4464 m² which supplies an amount of 112.058 publications among which a number of 25.000 consisting of periodicals 120 of them currently subscribed, 98 of them of foreign periodicals.

Faculty of Law has also Internet connecting facilities over University of Ankara’s (web-site) computer center and a computer laboratory for students to develop computer skills, together with another laboratory for the special use of blind students.


Main- Sections composing the Department
1. Commercial Law
2. Civil Law
3. Private International Law
4. Roman Private Law
5. Maritime Law
6. Civil Procedures, Bankruptcy and Execution
7. Labor Law and Social Security
8. Islamic Law


Main-Sections composing the Department
1. Public International Law
2. General Public Law
3. Constitutional Law
4. Administrative Law
5. History of Law
6. Criminal Law and Procedures
7. Philosophy and Sociology of Law
8. Law of Taxation
9. Environmental Law

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